I’ve played drums for 25 years, 15 of those with TESSERACT, and I’m driven to use the knowledge I’ve gained to help other drummers achieve their goals behind the kit.

The truth is, you don’t need to spend ages working out how to play complex rhythms on the drums, or spend unbelievable amounts of money going to music schools! You just need structured, easy-to-follow drum lessons, where you learn at the perfect pace for you – and that’s exactly what I’m offering here.

The Progressive Drumming Masterclass

The Progressive Drumming Masterclass is 36 drum lessons, split over 5 modules. These are a selection of the lessons that I created for my 12-Week Mentorship, that provided the biggest noticeable improvements in my student’s abilities in a short amount of time. They’re some of my personal favorite lessons that will help most progressive drummers realize new levels of efficiency, technique, and compositional concepts – and I’m stoked to share this with you today.

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Current courses:

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Dylan – Drum student, USADrummer for 14 years

I am absolutely loving it. I spend 4 hours+ a night on your website, learning parts of Nocturne and looping the exercises. Your drum parts are not only flavorful but also extremely great exercises in building fluidity, dexterity, and limb separation. I can already tell that my timing is better (even using my left foot which I NEVER do), I’m feeling more relaxed and mobile, and I’m starting to use each limb in different ways. This is seriously some amazing content.. I’ve bought lessons from other drummers but this website is 100% my favorite of them all. 

Craig – Drum student, UKDrummer for 17 years

I’ve been a student of Jay’s for quite a while now and I have loved every minute of it!! Jay is a fantastic educator who can break down a complex concept into easy-to-manage chunks. This website is amazing, the videos are incredibly detailed, very well produced and each segment is short enough to feel as though you are not bombarded with too much info. I particularly like the feature where you can loop and slow down each section, you can even speed them up if you are a crazy person!! He’s not bad at transcribing proper music notation either. Would rate 5 out of 4 poly-rhythms 😉

Dave – Marketing Professional, USA Drummer for 1 year

As a beginner drummer, I found learning and practicing on my own to be overwhelming. With JPDL you are given bite-sized, easy-to-follow lessons that provide context for what you are learning. The ability to highlight and loop sections, and play the lessons at any speed, allows you to learn at your own pace and gives you full control over the courses. In addition, the JPDL discord server fosters community interaction with students and professionals to keep you inspired and learning.

Sean – Drum Student, USA Drummer for 25 years

I’ve played varying genres from classic rock and metal to reggae, but the intricacies of prog drumming have always given me my biggest challenge. I had purchased the sheet music for TesseracT’s “Luminary” years back and had some luck learning enough of it, but JPDL brings a whole new level to drum education. One month in and I’m already feeling more confident with limb independence and technique.

Jay breaks down incredibly complex segments into easy-to-digest sections and builds you up until the pieces fit together. Between the multiple camera angles, scrolling sheet music, and customizable tempo, there’s a combination suited for everyone.

JPDL is as close to in-person instruction from an industry pro as you can get. If you own drumsticks, I recommend signing up!


These courses are available to purchase individually:

  • 11 Lessons
  • 86 Guided videos
  • 80 Loop Exercises

This course will teach you how to play ‘Nocturne’ by TesseracT. Every beat, every fill, all described in precise detail.

As well as learning to play the song, this course will improve your control of ghost notes, limb independence, and overall groove. Using the loop exercises, you’ll be able to slow down all of the exercises to practice at the perfect speed for you.

Slow down time…

I am using the most advanced educational technology to bring you the best user-friendly learning experience. Learn at your own speed and avoid overwhelm.

Choose from three camera angles and slow down video playback in real-time to learn at the perfect speed – for you!

Give it a try!

We combine cutting-edge technology with step-by-step video instruction, showing you exactly how to play new and complex drum patterns, and the fundamental movements you need to play them effortlessly.

To further guarantee a next-level learning experience, we are using a beautifully formatted learning platform, specifically designed to enhance student focus. As you work through the lessons, it’s easy to track your progress so when you sit behind your kit to practice next, you can pick up exactly where you left off.

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