Progressive Drumming Masterclass

25+ years of progressive drumming experience, distilled into a structured, easy-to-follow course, designed to teach you everything you’ll ever need to know + direct support from Jay.

Mark Green

Drum Student

Amazing teacher

If you are on the fence about lessons with Jay, do it!

Initially, I struggled with limb independence and overall creativity with my drumming.

As someone who was a self-taught drummer, Jay immediately identified some foundational gaps and recommended easy-to-follow lessons that immediately accomplished my initial goals within 2 months!!

Jason Austan

Masterclass Drum Student

Worth every penny!

Jay is an incredibly gracious and humble teacher.

He breaks complex ideas into easily digestible concepts. There is a lot of information in the Masterclass, so this will give me things to work on for years to come.

I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to take their drumming to the next level.

Dave Abbaszadeh

Masterclass Drum Student


As a beginner drummer, I found learning and practicing on my own to be overwhelming. With Jay’s lessons, you are given bite-sized, easy-to-follow exercises that provide context for what you are learning.

The ability to highlight and loop sections, and play the exercises at any speed, allows you to learn at your own pace and gives you full control over the lessons.

Watch this video first

Chris Hahn

Masterclass Drum Student

Best Investment In My Drumming

As a self-taught drummer, the hardest question for me had always been "What's next?". Usually, it was just learning to cover another song, but that wasn't leading to any real growth.

Jay's masterclass was the perfect solution.

His lessons are down to earth, easy to follow, and structured in a way that drummers of all skill levels can tackle the material. You'll learn the importance of an actual practice routine, and how to identify gaps in your playing so you can improve efficiently.

Jay demonstrates that even the most complicated grooves can be broken down into fundamentals that can be mastered with some focus and discipline.

If you're looking for real guidance from a world-class drummer, this is perfect for you.

Eric Boren

Drum Student

Jay’s lessons really kicked me into gear

I’ve been playing on and off for a long time, and I felt confident in my coordination and ability to navigate odd time signatures, but I was ultimately feeling directionless. I would sit down at the kit and just not know what to play.

Jay’s lessons really kicked me into gear! Jay challenged me with some crazy polyrhythms and coordination exercises and gave me a lot of patterns to use in grooves and fills. I feel like my vocabulary, coordination, speed, and overall comfort level on the kit have all dramatically improved.

I really liked the format for remote lessons – They were very clearly explained and followed a logical progression without huge leaps.

This was a fantastic experience, and I’d recommend it to anyone who wants to take their drumming to the next level.

Sean Sanbeg

Masterclass Drum Student

Fast results!

One month in and I’m already feeling more confident with limb independence and technique.

I’ve played varying genres from classic rock and metal to reggae, but the intricacies of prog drumming have always given me my biggest challenge. I purchased the sheet music for TesseracT’s “Luminary” years back and had some luck learning enough of it, but this website brings a whole new level to drum education.

Jay breaks down incredibly complex segments into easy-to-digest sections and builds you up until the pieces fit together. Between the multiple camera angles, scrolling sheet music, and customizable tempo, there’s a combination suited for everyone.

This website is as close to in-person instruction from an industry pro as you can get. If you own drumsticks, I recommend signing up!

Let’s begin!

Choose to talk to me on Zoom first, or simply get started with the Masterclass today.

Either way, please submit your application below to begin

Who is the Masterclass for?

The Masterclass is for drummers of all skill levels who feel stuck creatively, or feel as though they’ve reached a plateau in their playing.

It’s for drummers who feel like they’ve run out of fresh ideas and who want to explore complex drumming concepts – polyrhythms, displacement, metric modulation, etc – and learn to apply them musically.

The Masterclass is an online course containing a curated selection of drum lessons, in which I will guide you through::

✅ Designing the perfect practice routine
✅ Lifestyle decisions for drummers – designing your life to optimize your abilities
✅ Technique fundamentals for your hands and feet
✅ Drum kit ergonomics and efficiency
✅ My 80/20 rule for the most useful rudiments & patterns to master
The GOOD stuff: Polyrhythms, displacement, metric modulation, groove, flow, double kick, working with a metronome, complex ostinatos, composing complex ideas – and loads more!

My tried-and-tested course will take away all the guesswork, giving you the tools you need to become a skilled progressive drummer – no matter your current skill level.

Maybe you’ve already tried one or two of the other online options for lessons – and they haven’t worked out. Either they didn’t cater specifically to complex drumming concepts, or you simply didn’t find them engaging…

Maybe you’re self-taught and have hit a plateau…

Maybe you’ve been to a music school and still don’t feel accomplished in the more-complex side of drumming…

Well – you’re in the right place now. Allow me to help!

Travis Shore

Masterclass Drum Student

Master your Time

With all the information floating around, things can become cloudy really fast. I needed help with a solid practice regime to reach the next level.

As soon as I saw Jay’s masterclass offer, I knew this was for me.

Within a month, my goals are clear thanks to precise realistic lessons. Time doesn’t wait! Invest in YOU and the returns will be sweet!

Kieran Temby

Drum Student

Unlock your playing with Jay!

I have unlocked so many doors in my playing ability since learning from Jay.

I have seen significant progress in my limb independence, pedal hat control, heel-toe playing, and odd-timed grooves since I started lessons.

Where else can you get lessons with one of the top people in the industry at an affordable price?

Thank you, Jay!

Sammy Diaz

Masterclass Drum Student

Endless Potential!

I've been a drummer for 20+ years and always had an interest in progressive drumming. For some reason, I couldn't find an easy A-to-Z lesson plan covering everything I wanted to learn. Then I came across Jay's Masterclass and decided to give it a go.

So far I am much more versed in odd time, polyrhythms, stick control, double bass & independence. Internal timing is the one area I feel I've improved the most.

His lessons are concise and very easy to follow, not overwhelming. If you want to take your drumming to the next level, go for it!

How long is the Masterclass?

The Masterclass consists of 40 easy-to-follow drum lessons that you can work through at your own pace – and I’m personally only ever a message away if you need additional input.

A proactive student following the practice advice I set out within module 1 can expect to work through all of the lessons in as little as three months.

There is no rush though! Take your time and work through a lesson until the patterns and techniques become a natural part of your drumming vocabulary.

Will Jay help me if I’m stuck or want feedback?

Yes! – If you find yourself stuck on an exercise, unable to realize a new feel, or count a new ostinato or drum fill – you can reach out to me for support either via email, DM, or within the students-only Facebook Group – this is an exclusive group for Masterclass Students.

Simply contact me, perhaps with a video of yourself performing the exercise, and I will reply.

The community of like-minded drummers in the Facebook Group may also have tips for you that can help. It’s also a fantastic place to help with accountability – sticking to your practice regime!

This video demonstrates a response I posted in the Student group.

Mihai Hogea

Masterclass Drum Student

100% worth the investment

Jay's progressive masterclass is absolutely outstanding! The class is structured in an easy-to-follow style, with each lesson building upon the previous one.

Jay's teaching approach blends the technical and musical aspects of drumming, enhancing technique, as well as overall groove and feel. In just one month, I witnessed significant improvements in my sticking, limb independence, and groove.

What sets Jay apart is his unique combination of being an exceptional drummer and an excellent teacher. He maintains a humble, patient, and responsive demeanor, providing guidance and feedback throughout the course. If you are committed to improving your drumming skills, this course is undoubtedly worth the investment.

Shivan Pande

Masterclass Drum Student

Jay unlocked the groove within me

Jay’s masterclass reset the bar on my journey completely.  I joined Jay's Masterclass in 2022 and absolutely loved the experience. Jay was meticulous by starting with the fundamentals such as grip and posture before moving into advanced concepts.
There were times I’d look at Jay’s lesson and think “There’s no way in hell I’ll be able to play that.” The way he breaks down each concept, each fill, and each hit, makes any complex beat totally approachable.
Perhaps the best part of the class is not just learning cool rhythms, but learning HOW to learn. Jay covers working with a metronome at slow tempos to build up skills, programming ideas to assemble unique rhythms, and how to combine simple concepts into progressions that sounded masterful.
I started drumming in a band a year ago and I find myself playing with SO much confidence now. He unlocked the groove within me and I’m so excited to see where it goes from here!”

How much time do I need to spend practicing to see a real improvement?

We all learn at different speeds. We all have different genetics and we all have different goals.

Turning up and spending just 5 minutes per day on a new movement or concept is progress – don’t underestimate the compounding power of turning up every day and spending even a small amount of time with a new idea.

In a perfect world, I ask my students to set aside 30 minutes to 1 hour, three to four times per week. If this amount of time seems unachievable, do not despair – you will still improve with a lesser commitment.

I personally find that 30 minutes to 1 hour is the amount of practice when learning complex new ideas, and you’ll learn why within the very first module. As little as 30 minutes is enough time for most people to quickly measure real improvements in their playing, without feeling burnt out.

Consider this – Even if it took you a year to gradually work through the Masterclass – how much progress do you feel you’ve made over the past year? How much better would you feel about your playing today if you had found this Masterclass a year ago… or even a couple of months ago…

I’m not a good enough drummer to take Jay’s Masterclass!


This statement simply isn’t true and generally comes from a place of low confidence – which is something I will help you build.

I wasn’t always able to play the things I can currently play – I was once an absolute beginner!

I’m self-taught, I don’t read music, and I applied and didn’t get accepted into a music school (Drum Tech in London, UK) so I have learned everything I can play today through effort, trial, and error – which took a long time.

I’m offering you the chance to bypass years of figuring this stuff out – and if there’s one thing we can’t ever get back, it’s time.

No matter where you are on your creative journey, if you’re interested specifically in improving your Progressive Drumming skills, I can help you.

What is the structure of the Masterclass?

The Masterclass is split into 5 modules, each covering a specific topic:

Module 1 – Practicing

This module covers the most effective ways I practice and in it, you’ll learn to design the perfect practice routine.

I also cover the lifestyle changes you may wish to consider in ordere to help design your life around becoming a better drummer.

You’ll learn the workflows that I personally use to ensure I never run out of fresh ideas behind the kit and I always know what to practice next.

Lessons in this module:

  • How to practice drums
  • Setting up a practice routine
  • Programming Drums
  • Composing Progressive Drum beats using a DAW (& learning the beat too)
  • Drummers Lifestyle
  • Warmups and drumming-related injuries

Module 2 – Rudimentary Fundamentals

You need to walk before you can run – this section of the Masterclass covers hand and foot technique, and the essential rudiments and patterns you should learn.

These are the handful of patterns I use the most often, which enable me to play everything you hear in TesseracT’s music.

Ultimately, we want to be able to move around the kit with ease and efficiency, and spending the time working through these lessons will put you on that path.

Lessons in this module:

  • Single Strokes & grip
  • Double Strokes & grip
  • Double Kick – techniques, pedal choice and settings + exercises.
  • Heel-Toe technique
  • Pedal hat technique
  • Efficient Progressive Patterns (nine lessons)

Module 3 – Groove

Groove’ contains many key ingredients – timing, dynamics, feel, and technique. It’s the ability to play for the music, not the ego, and to find the perfect connection with your fellow musicians.

When these things are in harmony, when you can control them, your playing will be infused with groove.

In this module, I’ll help you to discover and develop your own natural feel, and ability to groove using specific patterns and exercises that have helped me immensely.

Lessons in this module:

  • Groove fundamentals – *NEW for 2023*
  • 16th Note Groove/Flow Learning Technique
  • Ghost Note Control & Patterns
  • Polyrhythms – *NEW for 2023*
  • 3/2 Polyrhythm Groove
  • 3/4 Polyrhythm Groove
  • 5/4 Polyrhythm Groove
  • Slow Grooves
  • Five Stroke Groove: Right-hand freedom
  • Quintuplet Grooves

Module 4 – Ostinatos & Longer Phrases

If you’ve ever listened to a TesseracT song (or a song by any modern progressive band), you’ve definitely heard some complex ostinatos (repeating patterns).

In this module, I will teach you concepts that you can apply to your own compositions and will do this using examples and exercises from my own music as well as brand new challenging exercises designed specifically for this Masterclass.

5x Lessons in this module

Module 5 – Drum Fills

Many of my drum students ask for help with their drum fills, and in this module, I’ll walk you through the most efficient and useful patterns, and concepts, that you can use to create and learn your own unique drum fills.

We’ll work with linear patterns, polyrhythms, stroke rolls, and displacement to put together some of the most interesting drum-fill combos you’ve ever heard.

The goal of this module is to open up potentially limitless drum-fill options for you.

6X Lessons in this module:


Alex Rapakis // Progressive Drumming Masterclass student // Drummer from Athens, Greece

Joseph Arrington // Masterclass student // Drummer for Royal Coda, A Lot Like Birds, Sianvar, G0ldnecklace, and Kurt Travis

Bastian Fuentes // Masterclass student // Drummer from Santiago, Chile

If you’ve made it this far, it’s fair to say you’re interested and are invested in improving your drumming – so let’s talk!

Complete this application form to see if the Masterclass is a good fit for you, and to book a free Zoom call with me (optional!)

How much does it cost to join the Masterclass?

Single payment


3-month plan

$566 per month

6-month plan

$299 per month

All options are for lifetime access to the Masterclass and support from me.

If you sign up with a 3 or 6-month plan, make sure you set up a free account. I will then manually grant you access to the Masterclass.

If you’d like to chat with me before joining or if you have any questions, let’s schedule a Zoom call now:

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