Zoom Call Appointment – Unsuccessful

Jay here,

I noticed in your application to book a Zoom call with me that you answered: “I do not currently have access to a drum kit”.

I want to be upfront and honest with you – you 100% need to have access to a kit to practice. Sorting this out should be your priority. If you’re wondering whether to get an e-kit or an acoustic kit, EITHER is a fantastic option. An e-kit is especially useful for home practice as you won’t need to soundproof a room.

Go for the best possible one you can afford as investing in one good tool will pay off in the long run.

So on this occasion, I won’t be able to proceed with your application to book a Zoom call with me, as you’re not currently equipped to proceed as a potential student.

Please don’t worry though! There are a couple of resources I’d like to share that will help to get you inspired before you decide to move forward.

TesseracT // Hollow – Drum lesson
Learn one of my favorite double-kick grooves
How to compose progressive grooves
How to practice drums the easy way!
Pedal hat technique – how to never get tired

Speak soon, and thank you for your interest!

Jay Postones

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