Zoom Call Appointment – Unsuccessful

Jay here,

I noticed in your application to book a Zoom call with me that you answered: “I do not have access to the financial resources to invest in myself at this time”.

I want to be upfront – it would be better to wait until you’re in a position to invest in yourself before booking a call with me to discuss the 12-week mentorship.

I only take on a maximum of five students at a time, so if you know at this point that you’re unable to afford this, then let’s stay in touch and reschedule the call when you’re ready.

Please read through all of the information on the Mentorship page (the price is at the bottom of the page). If you then decide you’re ready to do this, go ahead and schedule another Zoom call using the link on the page.

Speak soon, and thank you for your interest!

Jay Postones

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