Practice routine / identifying what to practice

Let me start by letting you know that you’re not the first person who needs help with their practice routine.

It’s super common to feel stuck without a good one but fortunately, I have some great methods to help and set in place an effective practice routine. The key, I’ve found, is to firstly not create overwhelm and to remove as many obstacles as possible that might prevent you from not practicing. This is step 1.

Step 2 is to identify exactly what it is you’ll practice, and to remove the guesswork from this process entirely.

For example, are you practicing with intention (learning something for a specific reason) or are you trying to improve a new pattern or rudiment, or are you wanting to identify new ideas organically?

These are very different types of practice, and I offer my insight and process with each of them within the very first lesson of my Progressive Drumming Masterclass – so that you’re set up and ready to go after the very first lesson.

The second lesson in Module 1 covers setting up an effective practice routine and how to stick to it.

I’d love to speak to you in more detail about this if you’re open to learning?

If so, please check out the information here and book a call with me at your convenience:

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