Playing with a metronome

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Learning to play with a metronome is an essential skill to develop. Here’s why:

Learning to play in time to a metronome will massively improve your understanding of timing. For me, it’s been an essential part of my practice for as long as I can remember.

The truth is, practicing with a metronome is the only way to know whether you’re truly playing in time. If you’re not used to this type of practice, don’t worry – you just need some focused exercises to get you started.

When playing live shows, TesseracT has always performed to a metronome (within Cubase) – and without doing this, we simply wouldn’t be in time with each other.

Exercises to help with timing

I’ve pulled together a handful of timing exercises you may wish to explore. These cover a range of concepts that I cover in considerable detail in my Progressive Drumming Masterclass.

The important thing when working through any of these is to focus on playing in a relaxed style and to focus on locking in with the metronome. Understand where the quarter notes are, the 8th notes, the 16th notes, etc – make sure you’re not rushing or dragging. If you are rushing or dragging – SLOW the exercise down.

Double stroke timing exercise

Double Kick Dominant Leg Timing exercise

Three-limb 16th note triplet timing exercise

Developing your control of timing is something that I consider to be crucial for any good drummer. It’s something that I love to help my students with and I cover extensively in my Progressive Drumming Masterclass.

I’d love to speak to you in more detail about this if you’re ready to pour jet fuel on your drumming abilities.

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