Mentorship Application – Unsuccessful

Jay here,

I noticed in the application that you answered: “I do not have access to the financial resources to invest in myself at this time”.

I want to be upfront – if it seems like you’re a good fit as a drum student and I’m a good fit as a teacher, there is an investment to work with me and join the Mentorship.

I want to be respectful of your time and my own, so before we get on a Zoom call together, and before you potentially decide to part with your time and money, I want to make sure that if we both decide to work together, you’ll have the financial resources to do so.

I currently charge $4499 (USD) to join my Mentorship, with flexible payment options to help make it affordable for all students.

My Mentorship is an investment in yourself that will pay dividends far beyond the price tag. Here’s what some of my previous students have to say:

Kieran Temby

Drum Student

Unlock your playing with Jay!

I have unlocked so many doors in my playing ability since learning from Jay.

I have seen significant progress in my limb independence, pedal hat control, heel-toe playing, and odd-timed grooves since I started lessons.

Where else can you get lessons with one of the top people in the industry at an affordable price?

Thank you, Jay!

Mark Green

Drum Student

Amazing teacher

If you are on the fence about lessons with Jay, do it!

Initially, I struggled with limb independence and overall creativity with my drumming.

As someone who was a self-taught drummer, Jay immediately identified some foundational gaps and recommended easy-to-follow lessons that immediately accomplished my initial goals within 2 months!!

Eric Boren

Drum Student

Jay’s lessons really kicked me into gear

I’ve been playing on and off for a long time, and I felt confident in my coordination and ability to navigate odd time signatures, but I was ultimately feeling directionless. I would sit down at the kit and just not know what to play.

Jay’s lessons really kicked me into gear! Jay challenged me with some crazy polyrhythms and coordination exercises and gave me a lot of patterns to use in grooves and fills. I feel like my vocabulary, coordination, speed, and overall comfort level on the kit have all dramatically improved.

I really liked the format for remote lessons – They were very clearly explained and followed a logical progression without huge leaps.

This was a fantastic experience, and I’d recommend it to anyone who wants to take their drumming to the next level.

If you selected this answer by mistake, or if you can afford to join the Mentorship, if the payment was spread out over six months, then let’s talk!

Either way, here are some free drum lesson resources that I’d like to share that will help to get you inspired before you decide to move forward.

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Speak soon, and thank you for your interest!

Jay Postones

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