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If you’re considering leaving me a testimonial for the Masterclass – THANK YOU.

Testimonials are a HUGE help. They give potential new students insight into your experience and can result in a new student deciding to join.

Please can I ask you to consider the following:

1. Mention something specific that you were struggling with.

2. What have you achieved and learned so far?

3. How easy is my lesson content to understand and follow?

4. Anything else you’d like to add.

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Shivan Pande

Masterclass Drum Student

Jay unlocked the groove within me

Jay’s masterclass reset the bar on my journey completely.  I joined Jay's Masterclass in 2022 and absolutely loved the experience. Jay was meticulous by starting with the fundamentals such as grip and posture before moving into advanced concepts.
There were times I’d look at Jay’s lesson and think “There’s no way in hell I’ll be able to play that.” The way he breaks down each concept, each fill, and each hit, makes any complex beat totally approachable.
Perhaps the best part of the class is not just learning cool rhythms, but learning HOW to learn. Jay covers working with a metronome at slow tempos to build up skills, programming ideas to assemble unique rhythms, and how to combine simple concepts into progressions that sounded masterful.
I started drumming in a band a year ago and I find myself playing with SO much confidence now. He unlocked the groove within me and I’m so excited to see where it goes from here!”

Sammy Diaz

Masterclass Drum Student

Endless Potential!

I've been a drummer for 20+ years and always had an interest in progressive drumming. For some reason, I couldn't find an easy A-to-Z lesson plan covering everything I wanted to learn. Then I came across Jay's Masterclass and decided to give it a go.

So far I am much more versed in odd time, polyrhythms, stick control, double bass & independence. Internal timing is the one area I feel I've improved the most.

His lessons are concise and very easy to follow, not overwhelming. If you want to take your drumming to the next level, go for it!

Chris Hahn

Masterclass Drum Student

Best Investment In My Drumming

As a self-taught drummer, the hardest question for me had always been "What's next?". Usually, it was just learning to cover another song, but that wasn't leading to any real growth.

Jay's masterclass was the perfect solution.

His lessons are down to earth, easy to follow, and structured in a way that drummers of all skill levels can tackle the material. You'll learn the importance of an actual practice routine, and how to identify gaps in your playing so you can improve efficiently.

Jay demonstrates that even the most complicated grooves can be broken down into fundamentals that can be mastered with some focus and discipline.

If you're looking for real guidance from a world-class drummer, this is perfect for you.

Travis Shore

Masterclass Drum Student

Master your Time

With all the information floating around, things can become cloudy really fast. I needed help with a solid practice regime to reach the next level.

As soon as I saw Jay’s masterclass offer, I knew this was for me.

Within a month, my goals are clear thanks to precise realistic lessons. Time doesn’t wait! Invest in YOU and the returns will be sweet!

Kieran Temby

Drum Student

Unlock your playing with Jay!

I have unlocked so many doors in my playing ability since learning from Jay.

I have seen significant progress in my limb independence, pedal hat control, heel-toe playing, and odd-timed grooves since I started lessons.

Where else can you get lessons with one of the top people in the industry at an affordable price?

Thank you, Jay!

Mark Green

Drum Student

Amazing teacher

If you are on the fence about lessons with Jay, do it!

Initially, I struggled with limb independence and overall creativity with my drumming.

As someone who was a self-taught drummer, Jay immediately identified some foundational gaps and recommended easy-to-follow lessons that immediately accomplished my initial goals within 2 months!!

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