Repeating Patterns – Nine-count (Lesson 2)

This is the next step from Nine Stroke Lesson 1, where we learned to count a repeating nine-count while accenting the three and seven. I nthis lesson, we’re going to make the exercise to repeat on the right hand by placing a double stroke at the end, on the eighth and ninth quarter notes:

Notice the sticking pattern: R L R L R L R L L

Loop Exercise – R L R L R L R L L

The goal is to be able to play this pattern while keeping a quarter-note count on the pedal hat (the same count as the metronome)

A useful update to this lesson

After taking multiple drum students through this lesson, there is some additional information that may be helpful in order to realize how to keep your pedal hat counting quarter-notes while playing the nine-stroke pattern – as it can feel really alien at first. You can grab a transcription for these exercises below and a Guitar Pro File here.

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