Nocturne – Lesson 9: Pre-outro Copy Copy


In this lesson, we’re going to cover the section leading up to the Outro of Nocturne. This consists of two distinct beats that I’m going to break down into Part 1 and Part 2.

Lesson Progress

Part 1 – Pre-Outro

Exercise 1 – Two-bar loop

We’re going to loop the first two bars (bar 116 and 117) as together, they form the basic beat template for the rest of this section.

Loop exercise

Exercise 2 – Bars 1 to 4

Let’s add on the next two bars and get this pattern looping. The third bar is the same as the first, so we can already play this. The fourth is slightly different so let me show you how to play it.

Loop exercise

Exercise 3 – Bars 1 to 8

The good news is that we already know how to play the next three bars on this pattern as they’re the same as the first. The eighth bar introduces a simple fill which I’ll show you how to play in this video.

Loop exercise

Exercise 4 – Ghost note and cymbal pattern

We’re going to play up to bar 127 now – where there’s a fairly complex twelve-note run between the kick, crash and snare.

Loop exercise

Exercise 5 – Final four bars

Just four more bars to go in this section. The first bar has a short cymbal pattern, which comes straight out of the fill in the previous bar, followed by another bar which has a couple of extra crash accents to get used to. None of this is crazy-tricky but it may take a few repetitions to get used to.

Loop exercise

Exercise 6 – Everything so far!

Now we’re going to loop the twelve bars we’ve learned in this lesson. There are a lot of slightly different patterns to get used to here, so remember to take your time and learn at your pace – overload or cognitive burnout is real so take your time and work on turning these patterns into effortless movements around your kit – even if that means changing some of the cymbal accents to a different instrument.

Loop exercise

Part 2 – Outro build-up

Exercise 7 – Simplified loop

We’re going to first play a simplified version of the main looping pattern. We’ll start by playing the first bar, then looping the second bar around. This will get us used to the feel of this groove before we add in the other details.

Loop exercise

Exercise 8 – Detail

Let’s add the ghost notes to this section.

Loop exercise

Exercise 9 – Five bar loop

We’re going to loop the four bars of 3/4 and a single bar of 2/4 now. Once we have this pattern down, we’re most of the way towards having this section down. There’s just one more small fill to learn.

Loop exercise

Exercise 10 – Half-way fill

As mentioned in exercise 9 – there’s a short fill to get down in the middle of this section. It’s fairly straightforward and I’ll walk you through it in this video.

Loop exercise

Exercise 12 – Back to the beginning

Now, let’s test your memory. We’re going to take one bar of this section and loop it into the 7/8 intro to the song – or more specifically, the next section of the song.

Loop exercise

Final exercise

The last exercise in this lesson is going to have us loop the full twenty bars of the 3/4 & 2/4 pattern, followed by the 7/8 intro groove.

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