Nocturne – Lesson 5: Chorus (Part 2) Copy

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In this lesson, we’re going to work through the remainder of the chorus. This is bars 34 to 45 on the drum transcription.

Exercise 1 – the ‘easy’ one

Of the three times that we repeat the six-bar pattern in this chorus, the 2nd repeat is by far the most straightforward. We essentially lose all but one of the cymbal accents and play the beat straight, as per the verse.

Loop exercise

Exercise 2 – Double kick pattern

Now moving onto the third repeat in the chorus. This one starts with a brand new kick drum pattern, which doesn’t feature anywhere else in the song. You can play this one of two ways: either as a heel-toe using one foot (or any other bass drum technique that enables you to get out two quick beats in succession), or the way I choose to play it, with a double pedal.

Loop exercise

Exercise 3 – Double kick into the groove

Now we’re going to work the double kick section into the next three bars, and loop this until it feels comfortable.

Loop exercise

Exercise 4 – the end fill

We’re going to work out the end fill now. It’s a fill which I allow myself to navigate with some freedom – if I hear a new idea, I’m happy to replace an old one. In this demonstration, I’ll show you how I currently play it (March 2021).

Loop exercise

Exercise 5 – loop it

We’re now going to play the final six bars of the chorus, and loop them until they feel comfortable. I’m going to play them at 100bpm so please play along with me, and work gradually up to 130bpm.

Loop exercise

Exercise 6 – Wrap it up

This is it guys – we’re going to combine what we’ve learned in lessons 4 and 5 and play the whole chorus. In this example, I’m going to play at full speed, 130bpm. Please allow yourself the luxury of starting as slow as you need to and building up. I know I say that a lot but, it is THE way to get difficult patterns down.

Loop exercise

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