Nocturne – Lesson 10: Outro, Part 1 Copy Copy


This lesson covers the first two parts of the outro – the hi-hat and the ride groove. The most important thing to learn first in this section is the snare drum accents, as although they repeat after six bars, the placement of them is irregular compared to the rest of the song.

Lesson Progress

Exercise 1 – Bars 1 to 6, simplified

Let’s start off by learning the basic structure of this beat, before adding in the ghost notes and other details.

Loop exercise

Exercise 2 – Bars 1 to 6, detailed

Now that we can play the basic beat, we’re going to add in some ghost notes to make the groove flow a little more.

Loop exercise

Exercise 3 – Bars 7-12

This section has a little more detail than the last, but the beat behind it is the same. So, really, to tackle the next six bars, you need to be comfortable with the first six.

Loop exercise

Exercise 4 – Bars 1-12

Let’s get Bars 1 to 12 working – the slight differences could perhaps throw you off at first but remember if this starts to happen, slow the loop down to a more reasonable speed to really learn this part.

Exercise 5 – Ride section

Let’s take a look at the next section on the ride cymbal. The way I feel this groove is as a 3/2 Polyrhythm between the left leg (counting the threes) and the right hand on the ride (counting the twos). If you’re unfamiliar with the feel of a 3/2 polyrhythm, make sure to check out the 3/2 polyrhythm course on this website. It’ll give you a basic understanding of the pattern, examples of how to write grooves using it, and where it’s used in TesseracT’s music.

The ride cymbal is keeping a 1-and-a-half (dotted quarter note) count on the ride cymbal, against the rest of the beat. This flows from the first six bars into the next six. Other than this, the underlying beat between the snare and kick drum remains the same as the previous hi-hat beat, with the exception of the ghost note pattern, which is simplified.

Loop exercise

Exercise 6 – Ride section with detail

We’re going to add in the ghost notes to this section. If you look closely, you’ll see that they all land on the beat, with the pedal hat – with the exception of the ghost note on the second eighth note in bar 174.

Loop exercise

Exercise 7 – Ride section 2.0

The second half of this ride section has a few differences, which I’ll show you how to play in this video. We’re then going to loop all 12 bars of the ride section.

Loop exercise

Exercise 8 – Whole loop

Now for the challenge of this lesson – loop both the hi-hat section and the ride section.

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