3/2 Polyrhythm – Lesson 3 – Three limbs

Exercise1 – The kick drum

The natural next step with an exercise like this is to introduce another limb – in this instance, we’re going to bring in the kick drum. Our hands are going to play the dotted quarter notes (the two’s) and our kick is going to play the quarter notes (the three’s).

Exercise 2 -140bpm

If you’re feeling comfortable with the first step, then jump ahead to 140bpm, otherwise, choose a speed somewhere in the middle.

Exercise 3 – Get speedy: 180bpm

I’d like you to try to play this at 180bpm before we move forward to the next exercise.

Exercise 4 – Invert the exercise

We’re going to flip the exercise on its head by playing the quarter notes (threes) with our hands and placing the dotted quarter notes (twos) on the kick drum.

We’re ramping up from 100-180bpm in this video, so please pause as needed so that you can build up speed gradually.

In the next lesson we’re going to twist all of this around with a single challenging exercise.

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