3/2 Polyrhythm – Lesson 4 – Brain games

This lesson is going to present the biggest challenge so far in this course. The exercise itself isn’t too tricky at slow speeds but it’s a whole different matter once we speed it up.

Exercise 1 – Inverted 3/2 Polyrhythm

We’re going to play the exercise at 100bpm to start out. We’re playing the three-count with our hands, starting with the dominant hand (my right), and playing the two-count on the kick drum.

Exercise 2 – Speed

Once you’re comfortable at 100bpm, jump or build-up to 140bpm and play along with me in this video. Practice all the way up to 180bpm and beyond!

If you’ve got through these last few lessons, you’re doing great! You’ve picked up some of the movements, transitions and exercises that I consider fundamental to owning the 3/2 polyrhythm.

In the next lesson, I’m going to point out exactly where in TesseracT’s material we use the 3/2 Poly’ so that you can hear it in action, then we’re going to build up some grooves using it!

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