R L L Flow Development Exercises

This lesson covers a straightforward but super-effective pattern I use to put together drum fills. It’s especially effective when combined with other rudimentary patterns to create more musical fills. The pattern is R L L – super simple. However, we’re playing the pattern as 16th notes, not as a triplet. Exercise transcription and Guitar Pro …

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Lifestyle tips for drummers

I am not a lifestyle coach – but there are a few things that I swear by that I’d like to share with you as I’m absolutely convinced they’ll help a number of people other than myself. Sleep Make sleep your number 1 priority. Getting good deep sleep (specifically, slow-wave sleep) has been proven to …

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Working with distractions

So far, I’ve told you to shut out all distractions and turn off all notifications – to practice with laser-like focus. I know that in some situations, and for some of us, it’s simply not realistic or even possible to shut out all distractions. That’s ok – I have a great method for working with …

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Setting up a practice routine

What should a practice routine look like? So many musicians think that practicing is a dull, repetitive exercise – and sure, it CAN be! Especially without a system for tracking our progress. Over the years, I have identified a few rules that have really helped me set up a reliable routine to get me from …

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How to practice drums

This has got to be THE question. Right?! What are we supposed to practice to actually get better at the drums? How do we identify what to practice? What should a practice routine look like? How do I stick to that routine? What if I start to get discouraged with my lack of progress… If …

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