R L L Flow Development Exercises

This lesson covers a straightforward but super-effective pattern I use to put together drum fills. It’s especially effective when combined with other rudimentary patterns to create more musical fills. The pattern is R L L – super simple. However, we’re playing the pattern as 16th notes, not as a triplet. Exercise transcription and Guitar Pro …

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Lifestyle tips for drummers

I am not a lifestyle coach – but there are a few things that I swear by that I’d like to share with you as I’m absolutely convinced they’ll help a number of people other than myself. Sleep Make sleep your number 1 priority. Getting good deep sleep (specifically, slow-wave sleep) has been proven to …

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Working with distractions

So far, I’ve told you to shut out all distractions and turn off all notifications – to practice with laser-like focus. I know that in some situations, and for some of us, it’s simply not realistic or even possible to shut out all distractions. That’s ok – I have a great method for working with …

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Setting up a practice routine

What should a practice routine look like? So many musicians think that practicing is a dull, repetitive exercise – and sure, it CAN be! Especially without a system for tracking our progress. Over the years, I have identified a few rules that have really helped me set up a reliable routine to get me from …

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How to practice drums

Welcome to the Progressive Drumming Masterclass! Go grab yourself a coffee or some other tasty beverage and make sure you won’t be interrupted for the next 30-40 minutes because, in this lesson, I will teach you the crucial steps you’ll follow when working through all of the later lessons in the Masterclass, and eventually, when …

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