Improving drum fills

Developing and improving your fills comes down to building a good level of fluidity and comfort with a few patterns. You don’t NEED to learn every single rudiment to have a load of great drum fills available.

For example, learning how to play a couple of new rudiments, then learning how to voice them dynamically around the kit, and learning to transition from one to the other across a 16th note, 16th note triplet, 32nd note feel. This is a very effective way to learn new fill ideas, and is the technique I personally use.

Within my Progressive Drumming Masterclass I have a selection of lessons that share the exact patterns I find to be the most useful and the patterns I use the most within my playing. Rather than giving you a whole book of rudiments to learn, I’ll show you the exact ones that work for me, and how to use them musically.

I’d love to speak to you in more detail about this if you’re open to learning?

If so, please check out the information here and book a call with me at your convenience:

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