Hollow Student Bonus

Huge congratulations for working through Hollow. It’s a beast of a song and if you’ve spent some time with the exercises I presented in the lesson, then you’ve worked with some hugely challenging grooves and concepts.

If you feel like my teaching style works for you and you’d like to continue on this journey, then I’m absolutely certain you’ll learn a huge amount from my Progressive Drumming Masterclass. You’ll get help from me as you work through the lessons if you need it and access to an exclusive support group I’ve set up for the students who have joined so far.

I’ll even throw in a free drum lesson video call as a welcome present when you join.

I would like to offer you the chance to join my Progressive Drumming Masterclass for a discounted price. I usually charge $2000 (USD) and I’d like to provide you with $500 off this price.

I’ll also offer you the option to pay in three monthly installments if that helps to make it more affordable.

Join today:

One-time fee (use code ‘regrowth’ to save $500)

Three monthly payments

Note: If you choose this option, please sign up for a free account and then email me with your username – I will upgrade you manually

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