Drumming with odd timing

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There are many different ways to realize odd timings as a drummer.

Polyrhythms, displacement, metric modulation, subdivisions… these are all different ways of talking about the same thing – oddly timed patterns.

As a drummer, it’s our job to make these oddly timed ideas make sense and feel right, and this is where I’d like to help you.

One of the main goals of my Progressive Drumming Masterclass is to teach my students how to take an odd pattern and make it groove.

Another huge thing I teach within the Masterclass is the three main polyrhythms I use – 2/3, 3/4, and 5/4 – and specifically, how to use them musically. Something I’m big on is showing my students the fundamentals and then expanding to how to apply them musically.

I present a number of lessons within the Masterclass where, first, we’ll learn to play a new challenging oddly-timed ostinato, then the following lessons present a progressively more challenging evolution of the original idea. Working through these will develop your level of independence, dynamic control, and timing when playing with odd rhythms.

I also aim to give you the ability to identify for yourself what to work on next to further develop this skill without needing to look for additional lessons or a teacher.


I’m currently working on Masterclass v2.0 that will launch in a few weeks time – sign up before then and save $1000!

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I’d love to speak to you in more detail about your playing and about how I can help you, if you’re open to learning.

Please check out the information by hitting the button below, and book a call with me at your convenience:

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