Double kick

I will start by saying that I don’t consider myself a huge double kick player, in as much as I haven’t focused on developing crazy speed – TesseracT isn’t about that. Where I can help you improve your double kick playing though is in accurate timing and when playing odd patterns.

If you’re looking to develop consistency and speed then I have a couple of recommendations.

Firstly, choose a technique that you want to improve – heel-toe (my preferred technique) and swivel techniques are the two main approaches drummers use. Set yourself up with a metronome and work through ladder exercises (8th note, 8th note triplet, 16th note, 16th note triplet etc) paying close attention to where the ‘1’ lands with your dominant leg.

Within my Progressive Drumming Masterclass, there’s a section detailing heel-toe technique and throughout the Masterclass, you’ll learn to develop this skill, alongside others, so that you become fluent and efficient with it in your grooves and fills.

I have a load of lessons focused specifically on developing heel-toe technique and the first important step to take is to make sure your pedal is set up correctly and that you’re performing the leg/foot movement correctly.  I’d like to share a lesson with you that I think will help with this:

Specifically regarding double kick exercises, I focus on these within the second module of the Masterclass, extensively within Module 4 in the five-stroke lessons, and again in the advanced concepts pack I released for the Masterclass in mid-2022.

I have one more lesson that I’d like to share that will help develop double kick consistency over an odd timing. This is the first in a series of lessons that I take my students through:

Again there’s a load more that we could get into here but this is where I start most of my students off if they’re wanting to improve their ability to groove with double kick. The next step is to learn to feel a common pulse over more complex patterns and when working with polyrhythms – that begins to open up new worlds of creative opportunity.

I’d love to speak to you in more detail about this if you’re open to learning?

If so, please check out the information here and book a call with me at your convenience:

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