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This course will teach you how to play the song ‘Nocturne‘ by TesseracT. It is one of the more challenging TesseracT songs to perform on the drums but if something is easy, it’s not worth doing – right? You’ll learn to master a number of complex patterns and techniques in this course. Working through the exercises I present will help you to achieve a high level of dynamic control behind the kit.

The course comprises:

  • 11 Lessons
  • 86 Guided videos
  • 80 Loop Exercises

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As well as learning to play the song, this course will improve your control of ghost noteslimb independence, and overall groove. You’ll also be able to slow down all of the exercises to practice at the perfect speed for you. Check out what I mean in this video:

As you work through the course, be sure to post regular progress videos in our Facebook Group. I’d love to see how you progress and help you with anything you’re stuck on or struggling with.

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