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This masterclass covers it all – from how and what to practice to playing some of the most progressive grooves and fills imaginable. I’ve designed this masterclass to specifically answer the questions I am asked most frequently by my students, such as:

  • How do I improve my limb independence?
  • How do I compose more complex, interesting grooves?
  • How do I learn to make my drumming ‘groove’?
  • How do I come up with more interesting drum fills?
  • How do I use polyrhythms musically within my drumming?
  • How do I improve my consistency and dynamics?
  • How do I improve my double kick and pedal-hat control?

If you have any of these questions about your own playing, you will find answers in this Masterclass.

The Masterclass is split into 5 modules, each covering a specific topic so that you can choose which areas to focus on. I highly recommend running through the Masterclass in sequential order to get the most out of it and see the biggest improvements in your drumming and composition.

Module 1 – Practicing and composing

In this module, you’ll learn how to set up an effective, easy-to-follow practice routine. We’ll take away all of the guesswork so that you ALWAYS know what to practice without looking for external sources of inspiration or advice.

I’ll also walk you through the most effective tools I use for composing and learning new ideas behind the kit. These tools have enabled me to learn previously impossible grooves and fills in as little as two practice sessions.

Module 2 – Rudimentary Fundamentals

You need to walk before you can run – this section of the masterclass covers some of my essential rudimentary patterns. It also helps to correct potential issues you may currently have with grip and comfort behind the kit. Ultimately, we want to be able to move around the kit with ease and efficiency, and spending the time working through these exercises will put you on that path.

Module 3 – Groove

Most drummers you look up to will have one thing in common – they have ‘groove‘. In this module, I’ll help you to discover and develop your natural feel, and ability to groove using patterns and exercises that have helped me immensely.

Module 4 – Repeating Patterns & Longer Phrases

If you’ve ever listened to a TesseracT song (or a song by any modern progressive band), you’ve definitely heard a selection of repeating patterns, even if you’re unaware of this as a concept. It’s a super-effective tool we use when composing to produce intricate and interesting grooves that sound complex, but when broken down and realized, are surprisingly easy to understand. In this module, I will teach you concepts that you can apply to your own compositions and will do this using examples and exercises from my own music as well as brand new challenging exercises designed specifically for this Masterclass.

Module 5 – Drum Fills

So many of my drum students ask for help with their drum fills, and in this module, I’ll walk you through a selection of patterns and interesting concepts you can use to create your own unique drum fills. We’ll work with linear patterns, polyrhythms, stroke-rolls, and displacement to put together some of the most amazing drum-fill combos you’ve ever heard.

Module 6 – Additional Advanced Content (added 2022)

In my first addition to the Masterclass since launching it, I have put together a collection of nine new lessons containing 43 exercises, that are a natural development from the material in the first five modules. These are optional extras you can choose to work through and cover some advanced concepts covering Drum fill development, Grooves, and Quintuplets.

Who is this Masterclass for?

The Masterclass is designed to help drummers of all skill levels who perhaps feel stuck creatively, who feel as though they’ve run out of ideas behind the kit. It is designed to help drummers who are looking for help improving their dynamic control (ghost notes and accents), groove, limb independence, double-kick technique, single-kick technique, and compositional skills, amongst many other things.

The Masterclass presents a curated selection of drum lessons that my own students have found to be the most helpful in helping them overcome a multitude of creative and physical hurdles behind the kit.

How long is the Masterclass?

The masterclass consists of 38 detailed drum lessons + nine additional advanced lessons that you can work through at your own pace.

As I work with more drum students through my 12-week mentorship and identify helpful lesson material, I will continue to add and update the Masterclass with new lessons, exercises, and modules.

Can I get help from Jay directly if I’m stuck?

Absolutely – If you find yourself stuck on an exercise, unable to realize a new feel, or count a new repeating pattern or drum fill – you can reach out to me for support via an exclusive Facebook Group – this is an exclusive group for Masterclass Students. Simply post a comment in there, ideally with a video link to you performing the exercise, and I will respond. You can also reach out to me by email or in a DM if you’re uncomfortable posting in a student forum.

This video demonstrates a response I posted in the Facebook group, to a progress video for one of my students:

The community of like-minded drummers in the group may also have tips for you that can help. It’s also a fantastic place to help with accountability – sticking to your practice regime!

How much time do I need to spend practicing to see a real improvement?

We all learn at different speeds and we all have different goals. Turning up and spending 5 minutes per day on a new movement or exercise is progress – it’s why I spend literally just 5 minutes in the morning on my rowing machine. I’m not expecting to get super-fit or jacked by doing this, but I do get that feeling of reward for having moved first thing in the morning. It’s very achievable, I always feel great afterward and seem to be more energized.

I have ways to write and learn complex ideas with say, 1 hour per day. In an ideal world, 1 hour per day a few times a week would be perfect for most people to see real improvements in their playing. But you can, and will see progress with a lesser time investment too.

Even if it took you a year to gradually work through the material in the Masterclass, consider how much progress you feel you’ve made over the past year and how much improvement you could see today had you started a year ago.

If you spend 40 minutes to 1 hour per day, three or four times a week, working through the Masterclass material, in 3 months’ time (or less!) you’ll be able to see and hear noticeable improvements in your playing. Before that, you’ll absolutely have realized new compositional skills, and new creative techniques, and will have no questions at all about what to practice.

I’m not a good enough drummer to take this Masterclass

This statement has not once proven to be true and generally comes from a place of low confidence – which is something I will help you build. I wasn’t always able to play the things I can currently play – I was once an absolute beginner! No matter where you are on your creative journey as a drummer, there’s a very good chance I can help you.


Alex Rapakis // Progressive Drumming Masterclass student // Drummer from Athens, Greece

Joseph Arrington // Masterclass student // Drummer for Royal Coda, A Lot Like Birds, Sianvar, G0ldnecklace, and Kurt Travis

Bastian Fuentes // Masterclass student // Drummer from Santiago, Chile

How much does it cost?

I currently charge $2000 (USD) to join the Masterclass, with options for students to pay over a few months if needed.

I appreciate this is a significant investment to consider and am acutely aware of how much the cultivation of a creative skill can mean. So I insist on speaking with all potential students before inviting them to join the Masterclass to ensure that it’s the right fit for you.

From experience, and from my testimonials, the drummers who book these free Zoom calls with me and decide to join the Masterclass go on to realize significant improvements in their playing and are very happy that they made this self-investment.

This is literally my life, reputation, and career so I only work with students who I know will be completely satisfied with me, my teaching style, and crucially, their own progress.

Ok – this sounds amazing! How do I join?

To make absolutely certain that this Masterclass is going to help you in the areas you wish to improve, let’s schedule a Zoom call now. This is completely free – it’s simply a chance for me to get a better understanding of your current skill level and to discuss the areas you wish to improve. It’s also a chance for you to ask me any questions about my playing or about the Masterclass.

I’ll be honest if I don’t think this Masterclass is for you – the last thing I want is for you to part with your money and time, if you’re unlikely to realize life-changing improvements. This is very important to understand.

If we’re both happy at the end of the call, I’ll send you a link to join the Masterclass.

Alternatively, if you’ve read all this, watched the video, and know that this is 100% for you, join the Masterclass right now using one of these two options:

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