Composing progressive drum ideas can seem daunting for sure. A lot of progressive drummers, myself included, are often challenged to learn and play incredibly complex drum parts that have sometimes been written by other people (the guitarist in TesseracT composes a lot of the grooves when he’s laying down guitar demos).

This is both a blessing and a curse as it can present ideas which aren’t currently within your comfort zone. A great way to frame this is as a challenge to make them a part of your default abilities. This is how I tackle these ideas, and with each new song, I learn something new.

Regarding specifically composing your own progressive ideas, there are a few things that have worked for me and I share them in detail within my Progressive Drumming Masterclass.

Firstly – I remove the biggest obstacle. I start by using a computer.

If I compose a beat using Cubase and Toontrack Superior Drummer (software and drum samples) – I can tweak it until I enjoy the sound of it, and then learn it at my own pace by using the MIDI as a visual aid. This speeds up the learning process a HUGE amount.

It’s a super-fast way of writing and learning beats and fills that, yesterday, were completely unplayable.

Again, within the Masterclass, I cover this approach in detail.

I also detail a foolproof method to compose new ideas as a method of practice within the first module.

I’d love to speak to you in more detail about this if you’re open to learning?

If so, please check out the information here and book a call with me at your convenience:

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