Awesome – your Masterclass Zoom call is scheduled!

You MUST Watch This Video To Confirm The Call!

This video covers things such as:

  • Walkthrough of the Masterclass modules and the exclusive student support group
  • Preparing for your call
  • Student results and testimonials
  • Extensive frequently asked questions

So go grab a coffee, sit down, relax, and once you’ve watched the video, hit the button at the bottom to confirm your call.

I currently charge $2000 (USD) to join the Masterclass, with options for students to pay over a few months if needed.

This is literally my life, reputation, and career so I only work with students who I know will be completely satisfied with me, my teaching style, and crucially, their own progress.

I appreciate this is a significant investment to consider and am acutely aware of how much the cultivation of a creative skill can mean. So I insist on speaking with all potential students before inviting them to join the Masterclass to ensure that it’s the right fit for you.

From experience, and from my testimonials, the drummers who book these Zoom calls with me and decide to join the Masterclass go on to realize significant improvements in their playing and practice routines.

Confirm your Zoom call:

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