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A couple of weeks ago, I recorded the content for this lesson and have been waiting for TesseracT’s new record to drop before releasing it. If you’ve not heard the album yet, stop whatever you’re doing right now and re-assess your priorities 😀

I wanted to show you all one of the best ways I learn complex drum parts really, really fast.

I wish I’d started working like this 15 years ago… I’d be much further ahead if I had!

If you don’t have 13 minutes to spare or would prefer to spend the next hour watching videos of cats nudging things off of shelves, here’s the short version:

Step 1: Take a step back – program the part into a DAW
Step 2: Define your loop points
Step 3: Copy and paste each loop point and change the tempo of each one (increments of 20 bpm for me usually)
Step 4: Start with the slowest and work through them until it sounds good.
Step 5: Success.

If you want to get into more than just this, check out the other videos on my YouTube channel or on this website – or get in touch with me if you want to take your playing to the next level.

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