The Best Decision I Ever Made As A Professional Musician…

Quick answer: To prioritize investing in myself – with both my time and my resources.

More detailed and useful answer:

Some people look at my success as a drummer and assume the stars aligned for me and that I got lucky.

The reality is, it’s taken me 25+ years of practice and hard work.

I’ve been laser-focused on improving my abilities within a specific niche of drumming – PROGRESSIVE drumming.

Year after year, I’ve dedicated precious time and resources to growing my knowledge and improving my abilities.

As a result, my luck has improved too – I’m offered more opportunities. I play to bigger crowds, and by most people’s definition, I’ve ‘made it’ in the music industry – drumming is my full-time occupation.

I got the job as drummer for TesseracT because of the self-investment I’d made up to that point. I stubbornly refused to procrastinate on my goal and spent every ounce of available energy working toward it.

So how can my journey help you?

TesseracT after a sold-out show in Sao Paolo, Brazil – March 2023

There is a common behavior that ensures I’m always in control of my destiny…

That behavior is me consistently turning up to my own practice sessions, and investing in myself with both time and money.

The more I invest in learning, the more my skills grow and the better chance I give myself of the future I desire.

I’m not saying that by simply investing in education, you’ll grow though… the education has to be the right fit, and you also need to turn up and take action.

I witness this first-hand when welcoming new students into my Progressive Drumming Masterclass.

These drummers are the ones who put the time in, work through my lessons, post progress videos, and stay in touch with me.

These people are not afraid to take action by investing in themselves. Their growth and happiness are evident as a result.

Even if you don’t ever intend to join my Masterclass. If you’re serious about improving your progressive drumming skills, I encourage you to invest in yourself. Put time aside for growth – you’ll never regret it.

Make your practice setup as streamlined and easy to use as possible. Block specific times on specific days that you’ll practice – and don’t negotiate with yourself. Don’t let Instagram come first!

If you have TEN minutes to spare, grab a coffee and learn all about my practice routines in this short FREE drum lesson:

I’m looking to connect with drummers who are eager to take their progressive drumming to the next level. Particularly if you’re interested in becoming one of my Masterclass students.

If you find this short lesson helpful and would like to find out more, please drop me a line. You can set up a free Zoom call with me to chat about your drumming, my drumming, and how I can specifically help you.

I have some availability for calls over the next couple of weeks and would love to speak to you.

If you’re ready to seriously improve your playing and aren’t afraid to invest in your future, let’s talk.

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