Concealing Fate Parts 2 & 3 // IEM Mix

One-take, one-angle, mistakes-and-all performance of a couple of TesseracT classics.

The thing I love about these old songs is that as I continue to learn and improve my techniques and get comfortable with new patterns, I find myself injecting them into these oldies. It keeps them fresh!

Can you spot the new bits?

Are there any sections of this that you guys think are lesson-worthy?

  • nbkx1t3 says:

    I’ve enjoyed studying your recent IEM mix videos, this one is no exception!

    If it is possible, could the camera angle be adjusted to include your feet in frame in future videos? Understanding of course that available space on stage is limited.

    • Thanks John. You’re spot on – it’s generally down to stage space and placing the camera somewhere out of sight, where it’s not likely to be knocked over in the dark. Maybe one day I’ll be able to set up multiple cameras for these vids!

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