12-week Mentorship & Lifetime membership


How does the mentorship work

We’ll schedule a video call to discuss your current abilities as a drummer and where you want to be. After that call, if you would like to join the Mentorship, I’ll put together the first practice routine for you that is designed to get any fundamentals in place to achieve the techniques you’re going to learn or improve on. The routine will include three or four different drum lessons containing exercise videos that you can slow down/speed up to practice at the perfect speed.

Once per week – We’ll check in on a video call to discuss your progress and address any issues you’re having. Rest assured, you’ll be able to contact me via direct message throughout the 12-weeks – if you need a quick response to a question or want some feedback on a new technique you’re learning.

On this call, I’ll present the next set of exercises for you to work through – for each of which I will record (or will have recorded) a thorough drum lesson containing a progression of exercises with transcriptions for each.

24 hours before our weekly video calls – you’ll send me progress videos of the exercises I have set out for you. This gives me time to make detailed feedback notes to include in your lesson plan, and to discuss in our video lesson. These can be simple videos shot on a phone – I’m not looking at production quality here, simply your technique and abilities with the lesson exercises.

How much time do I need for this?

To get the full benefits of this Mentorship, you need to be prepared to commit to a minimum practice time of 40 minutes per day, four days a week. Most students find this easy to achieve. If you’re not used to setting aside time to specifically practice, without distractions, we can discuss this a little more on a 1-on-1 Zoom call.

What about gear?

You need access to a drum kit – either acoustic or electric. You’ll also need to record simple videos with audio – your mobile phone will be absolutely fine for this (unless it was made in 1999…). If you have anything more advanced than this to record video and audio, that’s a bonus.

What exactly is included in the Mentorship?

  • A personalised weekly practice routine designed by me, specific for your needs. This will evolve as you progress over the 12 weeks and will contain three or four new lessons every week.
  • Weekly 1-on-1 video Zoom calls to address any issues and help you with direct feedback
  • A direct line of support – a great way to ask for quick feedback and advice
  • Lifetime access to all of the lessons and courses I publish on this website

What will my progress look like?

By the end of month 1, you’ll be settled into a comfortable, structured practice routine and will begin to see and hear improvements in your playing. You’ll start to get your head around new concepts both from a technical and compositional standpoint.

Through months two and three, you’ll see and hear noticeable improvements in your drumming and will have learned new techniques, exercises, grooves and fills that you’ll begin to use comfortably.

By the end of month three, you’ll be on a completely new trajectory as a drummer. You’ll have new creative ideas, new capabilities, and new energy for playing and writing.



Can I continue beyond month three? – We can certainly discuss this as you approach the end of the 12-weeks. I open up limited spaces for Mentorship students depending on my availability around TesseracT’s schedule.

Can I just sign up for a one-off or a few weekly lessons outside of this? – No. In my experience, one or two lessons don’t lead to a life-changing experience or a significant-enough improvement to warrant your time investment or mine. To see and hear real improvements, you need to make a commitment to working with me for 12 weeks, working with the lessons I curate and create for you. I’m not selling a ‘quick-fix’ here – I’m selling a structured program that will present you with new creative concepts and technical challenges, along with expert 1-on-1 guidance and feedback.

I don’t think I need a video call every week – can I still do this? – If you feel like you want to work through some lessons with me but don’t necessarily want to commit to a weekly 1-on-1 session with me, please check out my Progressive Drumming Masterclass.

What if I need to take a short break from the weekly schedule? – I’m happy to schedule the 12 sessions over 15 weeks if needed. I appreciate not everyone will have twelve-straight weeks without interruption so I try to be as flexible as possible.

I feel like I’m not good enough to take lessons with Jay! – This statement has not once proven to be true and generally comes from a place of low confidence – which is something I will help you build. I wasn’t always able to play the things I can currently play – I was once an absolute beginner! No matter where you are on your creative journey as a drummer, there’s a very good chance I can help you.

How much does this cost? – If this is something you’re serious about considering, let’s schedule a Zoom call! I like to speak with all potential students before inviting them to join as I will only work with people who I’m certain I can help, and who I’m certain will do the work needed to realize life-changing drumming abilities.

I currently charge $4000 (USD) to join the 12-week Mentorship, with an option for students to pay over three months.

As an incentive to schedule a free Zoom call with me to discuss this – as I know taking this step means you’re serious about learning from me and improving, and therefore a person I want to work with – I’ll offer you a discount on the call.

As well as access to the Masterclass, you also gain LIFETIME access to all other lessons and courses on my website + an invitation to the exclusive Masterclass students online group where I help my Masterclass students with their progress, post additional content, and hold accountability check-ins.

Ok, I’m interested. What happens next?

Before taking on any students, I insist on meeting them in a free 1-on-1 Zoom call. This is an opportunity for us to chat, get to know each other a little, and importantly it’s an opportunity for me to ask you a few questions that are designed to help me identify, for sure, that I’m the correct mentor and teacher for you.

It’s also a chance for you to get a feel for how this works and ask any questions before considering investing your time and money.

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