12-week Mentorship – 1-on-1 lessons


How does the mentorship work

My mentorships run over 12 weeks – or more accurately, 12x 1-on-1 sessions. They run more like 16-20 weeks. This is to allow you time to properly digest the material, and also makes room for real-life (birthdays, work, holidays, etc).

I’ll design a bespoke roadmap for you, based on where you are now as a drummer, with an aim to place you firmly on the road to where you want to be. For each of the 12 weeks, you’ll receive a detailed lesson plan containing three specific lessons.

Each of these lessons will typically contain multiple exercises, designed to take you step-by-step to a point of relative comfort with a totally new concept, in a short amount of time.

You’ll schedule 12x 1-on-1 lessons with me, at your convenience. Prior to these lessons, you have the option to submit progress videos, from which I’ll write detailed feedback, and discuss this with you during the lesson.

Alternatively, you can show me your progress during the lesson itself – this often leads down some very interesting rabbit holes.

I’m interested – what next?

Read all of the info on this page, and watch the video. Then, schedule a free Zoom call with me. We’ll discuss your current abilities, what your roadblocks are, and where you want to be.

After that call, if you would like to join the Mentorship and if I think this is the right fit for you, I’ll send you a link to get started.

How much time do I need for this?

You need to commit to a 40-minute practice session, four days a week. If this is too much for you, or if you’re not used to doing this – we can discuss this issue first and I’ll explain how to make it easy in the very first lesson.

What gear do I need?

You need access to a drum kit – either acoustic or electric and you’ll need a computer or a phone for the Zoom calls. If you have anything more advanced than this to record video and audio, that’s a bonus.

What is included in the Mentorship?

  • A personal road map – 12x bespoke weekly practice routines, specific to your needs
  • 12x 1-on-1 video Zoom lessons
  • A direct line of support with me – a great way to ask for quick feedback and advice
  • Once you have completed the Mentorship – you will gain access to all of my other lessons and courses (the Progressive Drumming Masterclass)

What will my progress look like?

By the end of month 1, you’ll be settled into a comfortable, structured practice routine and will begin to see and hear improvements in your playing. You’ll start to get your head around new concepts both from a technical and compositional standpoint.

Through months two and three, you’ll see and hear noticeable improvements in your drumming and will have learned new techniques, exercises, grooves and fills that you’ll begin to use comfortably.

By the end of month three, you’ll be on a new trajectory as a drummer. You’ll have new creative ideas, new capabilities, and new energy for playing and writing.



Can I just sign up for a one-off lesson or a few weekly lessons instead? – No. In my experience, one or two lessons don’t lead to a significant-enough improvement to warrant your time investment or mine.

To see real improvements, you need to commit to working with me for the full 12 weeks.

I don’t think I need a video call every week – can I still do this? – If you feel like you want to work through some lessons with me but don’t necessarily want to commit to a weekly 1-on-1 video lesson, check out my Progressive Drumming Masterclass.

I feel like I’m not a good enough drummer to take lessons with Jay! – This statement has not once proven to be true and generally comes from a place of low confidence – which is something I will help you build.

I wasn’t always able to play the things I can currently play – I was once an absolute beginner! No matter where you are on your creative journey as a drummer, there’s a very good chance I can help you.

What is the price?

I currently charge $6000 (USD) to join my 12-week Mentorship, with an option for students to pay over three months.

At the end of the 12-week mentorship, you will also gain access to my Progressive Drumming Masterclass & all other lessons and courses on my website ($2000 value).

Ok, I’m interested. What happens next?

Book a call with me – Before taking on any students, I insist on meeting them in a free 1-on-1 Zoom call.

This is an opportunity for us to chat about your playing, and get to know each other a little. It’s an opportunity for me to ask you a few questions that are designed to help me identify, for sure, that I’m the correct mentor and teacher for you.

Provided we’re both happy at the end of this call, I’ll send you a link to get started.

This is literally my time, my career, and my reputation – so I only work with students who I know are serious and will see a huge improvement through working with me.

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